Paul Keith Lee
April 21, 1953 - October 15, 1985

Paul was a founding member of the Meatballs, and as the singer took the band from instrumental jamming to actually learning and performing songs. I have many great memories of Paul. I enjoyed his sense of humor, our sometimes deep conversations (they would just come out of the blue) and his friendship. We had a few adventures; one of them was on a New Year's Eve with Paul climbing out a window and me getting thrown off a porch, and making our escape through the dark streets of Mountlake Terrace with a couple of rednecks in a pickup truck chasing us - and that was just the beginning of the evening. The sun was rising before we headed our separate ways. I guess that would have been New Year's Day, 1973. I told his sister Shelley (now an on-air personality in California) that to me, Paul was straight out of the wild,wild west - he seemed to look for trouble (or trouble looked for him), but he somehow always kept me out of trouble.

I saw him for the last time when he visited Eddie's house in the summer of 1985. The band played at a bar in Lynnwood that night and he was there to cheer us on. That night he seemed like the same old Paul, just a little mellower. He complimented the band, gave me some good advice (my first marriage had recently disintegrated) and cracked me up more than once. He died a few months later leaving behind friends and family, including son Nick and daughter Roxanne, his older brother Richard and his little sister Shelley (who wrote in a recent email, "he'll be with me forever"). Me too.

- Bill